Dumbbell Necklace

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Why Purchase a Dumbbell Necklace?

Dumbbell Necklaces is an excellent choice for fitness hobbyists, athletes and bodybuilders. The most attractive looking necklace or pendant that I have seen would be made of silver dumbbells and studded with semi-precious stones. These pendants look great with any outfit and add a bit of bling to your wardrobe. Choose from a variety of beautiful, sophisticated Christian style pendants that come inscribed with inspirational Scripture. The necklace would include a small barbell that has a cross on one side and a pendant for the other side. You could wear a gold barbell chain necklace with a silver dumbbell pendant.

The combination of barbell chain and silver dumbbell pendant is a classic. I love it when I am shopping at a retail store and see both of these jewelry pieces displayed together. I then get excited when I see one of them on sale at a discount store. I can't help myself from buying it. There is something about a chainsaw and silver dumbbell pendant that make me feel good whenever I wear them.


One of the things I really enjoy about this necklace and pendant combination is the price. A plain, plastic chain is inexpensive, but when you pair it with a barbell pendant it goes way up in price. It's worth the money if you are going to be using it repeatedly. With a stainless steel stack plate necklace, it will last forever. I recently saw one that was sold for $400.


The chain is made of 18 karat silver which is an excellent quality. They should have no problem matching a silver pendant. Stainless steel stack plate necklace is sturdy enough to last for years if you take care of it. If you want something more expensive, try getting a black stainless steel chain.


You don't need a lot of accessories to match a silver chain. A silver dumbbell necklace, a barbell or a pair of dumbbells will do. Make sure that you clean your stack chain after every use.


If you mess up the chain, you don't want to throw it away. You should try to fix it as soon as possible. The first thing you want to do is take the clasp off of it. Then you will want to melt the clasp in a pot of hot water.


When you melt the clasp, you will want to carefully slide it out of the necklace. Make sure to keep the silver underneath of the metal. Slide it under the metal until you can get it out easily. Now you will want to slide the chain out of the scruff and lay it flat.


Now you will want to clean the silver dumbbell necklace. Use a soft brush to clean any dirt or dust that is on it. Then polish it with an old silver polish. Finally, store your dumbbell necklace with the rest of your silver jewelry in a nylon pouch or plastic bag.


A silver dumbbell necklace is a great addition to any collection of jewelry. It can be worn while you are working out or at home. It is great for adding some color to your outfit and having something different than what you have in your wardrobe.


Now that your dumbbells are clean, you want to make sure they are properly set up. Before you do any kind of weight lifting, you should make sure to use a training partner or at least have them watching so that you are not doing anything to yourself. That would be a disaster! Set up your dumbbells so that each is at least 3 inches away from the other.


Now it is time to workout. Do not just start your dumbbell necklace workouts until your trainer or gym has given you permission to. You do not want to hurt yourself and make sure that your trainer knows about your use of weights. You can even wear your necklace when you workout so that you can work out and carry it with you. This way, you know where you are at all times and can spot you if you need to get something from your gym bag. Make sure that your dumbbells are at the right angle so that they do not slip when you are performing a movement.


If you decide to buy a silver dumbbell, you can rest assured that it will hold its quality for years. The silver used in the construction is so much stronger than the gold that is often used in other types of jewelry. It is more durable and will not tarnish. If you get a silver dumbbell necklace, make sure you give it plenty of time to prove itself. With proper care, it should last a very long time.