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Fleur De Lis Flag And Fleur De Lis Statues

fleur de lis

A fleur de lis is a symbol of France's long history as a nation. The symbol is said to represent the cross which Christ carried on his back while he was beaten and arrested during his rise to popularity as a leader. Some early representations resemble a fleur de lis with an arrow through it, but the more traditional form is usually not used. In most countries, a fleur de lis is a badge or identification card of some kind that may have a combination of letter and numbers on it. It is normally seen on a shirt sleeve, on a neckline, on a lapel, or on a keychain.


The meaning of the fleur de lis started as a religious symbol in Medieval Europe. It is thought to have come from a Christian celebration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The flower was thought to symbolize the beatific suffering Christ endured before becoming Lord. The fleur de lis began to carry a particular significance after His resurrection. The flower was burned on stakes and other memorials. During the middle ages, it became a symbol for the Holy Family and of France itself.


The fleur de lis has been a part of the design of many beautiful historic cufflinks. They were originally designed to honor the French King Louis XIV. In addition to the crown and fleur de lis, some of the earliest designs featured the fleur de lis with a description of the kingdom or area where the wearer lived. This gave the viewer a graphical image or depiction of the region. The historical cufflinks which feature this time honored meaning are quite collectible and worth a considerable price tag.


In recent times, this symbol has become a favorite among both women and men. Many younger people today are recognizing the significance of the fleur de lis flower in their everyday lives. Many people find themselves proudly displaying it on their lapel, on a cross necklace or on a pendant. Many jewelry designers have taken this recognition and have added this important flower to their jewelry lines.


Some designers use this popular symbol in their business logo and letterheads, while others incorporate it into their corporate identity. Many businesses use fleur de lis inspired artwork and designs on their company seals, letterheads and corporate uniforms. One company provides a fleur de lis map showing routes to all of its offices across the world, which has become a popular promotional item.


No discussion of fleur de lis would be complete without mentioning the state flower of Louisiana. This beautiful bloom represents purity and elegance. It is the official flower of the City of New Orleans and is used on court documents, household towels and tablecloths. Because it is such a familiar symbol to people from all parts of the world, a lot of hotels, restaurants and other establishments display this emblem on their property. A popular image of the emblem is a white bird carrying a pearl in its beak, a common symbol of peace.


Many people recognize this historic symbol because it is on the seal of the City of New Orleans. It can also be found on a variety of novelty items for a variety of occasions, including novelty key chains. Other interesting decorative accessories include fleur de lis license plates, fleur de lis pencils and even fleur de lis magnets. Many celebrities are also known to display this popular emblem including singers Elvis Presley and Berry Rose. No matter what your personal beliefs are regarding this historical symbol, there is no denying that it truly is a representative of one of the most important principles in modern culture - free expression. One only has to look at the Statue of Liberty or the seal of the United States to see the importance placed upon freedom of speech.


In conclusion, fleur de lis is a beautiful historic symbol that has stood the test of time. Its existence as a legal emblem throughout much of France and its use as a design for numerous works of art, literature and other objects of a similar nature only serves to further support its timelessness. History will remember fleur de lis for many years to come as one of the first symbols of a united France that gave rise to one of the greatest free nations in the history of mankind. With its graceful appearance and distinctive history, it is certain to appear on monuments, plaques, buttons, badges and more in the coming years as a timeless symbol of pride for a unified France.