Guinea Pig Necklace

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Lots of men, women and children have small animals that they are very fond of.  But to those that have a Guinea Pig, there is nothing that compares. Many kids and adults are so proud of the fact they own a Guinea Pig that its not unusual to display their love.  There is no better way than with a beautiful Guinea Pig Necklace. 

There is a special bond between Guinea Pig owners and their pet and we have looked far and wide for necklaces that anyone will enjoy.

Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, a Guinea Pig Necklace is perfect for any occassion.  These necklaces are generally inexpensive, but can range in price and material.  Below are some great options to choose from.

Best Overall Guinea Pig Necklace

This Guinea Pig Necklace has a three dimensional charm unlike other Guinea Pig charms that come as one sided and hollow on the backside.  The necklace is 22 inches in length and has a nice silver plated snake chain.

The charm also comes with a fitting that is attractive and makes it simple to transfer to a charm bracelet as well as an attractive gift pouch that makes it easy to give as a gift.

At this price and the materials used for the piece, we are naming this as the Best Overall Guinea Pig Necklace.





Best Guinea Pig Necklace under $10

This Guinea Pig Necklace is inexpensive and also comes with a carrot charm.  As any Guinea Pig owner knows, carrots are like candy to their pet, sweet and crunchy.

Unfortunately, this charm is one sided and hollow on the backside and would not transfer easily to a charm bracelet.  The charms do not use a fitting, but only a ring that makes it difficult to transfer to any other piece of jewelry you may want to display it on.

But, for $9.95, the necklace makes our Best Guinea Pig Necklace under $10 category.



Once you have made your necklace selection, you can make the decision to either keep the necklace for yourself or offer it as a gift.  Or do both.  Either way, you will be sure to love your selection and the guinea pig necklace that you chose will be a beautiful reminder of the beautiful animal that you or a loved one chose.