Judge Gavel Bracelet

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Find the Perfect Gift for the lawyer or judge in your life. Or for anyone that can relate to the symbolism of the judge's gavel.  We can help you find a gift for those that love gavels right now without breaking the bank.

We have organized this blog post into the Best Judge Gavel Bracelet, the Best Judge Gavel Bracelet under $20, and the Best Judge Gavel Bracelet under $10 so you can make the best decision possible.

Judge Gavel - Symbol of Authority

The judge hammer is a symbol of justice and the rule of law. This ancient and noble symbol dates back to Greece.

A Greek judge would put on this symbol around his or her neck. It also hung around the court, usually on the wall next to the door. In some courtrooms, the judge hammer was worn on the right shoulder. The judge hammer was used to mark guilty verdicts, and also to signify the verdict was delivered by the jury.

This ancient symbol has had many interpretations throughout the centuries. Today, many individuals see it as being representative of the jurisdiction that a judge has.

This symbol can be very versatile. It can be used in a courtroom, to indicate what the verdict is for any type of situation. It can also be worn by others as a badge of honor. Individuals who like history will often wear this emblem as a sign of their passion and love for the past.

Today, a judge's mallet has many distinct interpretations. Lots of people interpret the symbol in different ways based on their faith and personal opinions. Some people wear the emblem in a way to honor their ancestors and honor the rule of law.

Some folks see it differently, but many people interpret it in various ways. It can represent the strong side or the weak side. It can also represent a person's sense of justice and a strong commitment to the practice of justice.

Lots of folks feel that the judge hammer is an indication that a person will never lose his or her temper or be angry. This symbol can be used to symbolize that a man or woman isn't afraid to speak his mind or to be heard. People who wear the symbol to symbolize their dedication to justice and equity will wear the symbol with pride.

Best Overall Judge Gavel Bracelet

This Judge Gavel Charm Bracelet is stainless steel snake chain that is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

The unique judge gavel charm can be easily removed and used on any other charm bracelet or necklace.

Judge Gavel Bracelet

Best Judge Gavel Bracelet Under $20

Although this bangle bracelet does not have a gavel on it, it does have many law related items such as the scales of justice and inspirational sayings.

The wire bangle is a stainless steel that is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.



Best Judge Gavel Bracelet Under $10

This bracelet is a slightly different style from the two above.  Although it is not stainless steel, it is a metal alloy that is sure to last.  The open ended bangle style bracelet depicts a justice scale on a glass medallion.

It does not show a judge's gavel, but depicts the law non the less.



Whichever bracelet you choose as a gift, the recipient will sure to love it and will always remember you for the thoughtful gift you gave.