Motocross Charms

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Find the Perfect Gift for those that love motocross.  We can help you do that in less than 10 minutes without breaking the bank.

We have organized this blog post into the best overall motocross charms necklace, best motocross charms necklace under $20 and the best motocross charms necklace under $10 so you can do just that.

Motocross racing is in a persons blood and those that race know thats all they think about.  Giving that racer something they don't already have for their bike is difficult, but giving something for themselves is what we can help with.

A Motocross Charms Necklace is a gift that any dirt bike rider will appreciate.  These necklaces are strong, durable and can be worn by men and women alike.

Best Overall Motocross Charms Necklace

This necklace shows a rider performing the superman trick.  Motocross is a challenging sport; a combination of physical strength, mental acuity, technique, endurance, and sheer guts. Some of the top elite motocross athletes use professional assistance and a training program to get to the top of their sporting fitness tree.

This necklace demonstrates the skill involved in motocross and the receiver of this will cherish it forever.

The Motocross Charm of a rider performing a superman is mounted on a strong fitting that can be transferred to any number of different chains and charm bracelets if you so wish.

The 22 inch chain is silver plated snake chain with a strong lobster claw clasp to assure the necklace stays safely around your neck.

The necklace also comes with an attractive gift pouch ready for giving to your favourite drummer.



Best Motocross Charms Necklace under $20

This sterling silver motocross charms necklace comes with a box chain necklace and a gift box ready for giving as a gift.

The chain is also sterling silver and is18 inches in length.




Best Motocross Charms Necklace under $10 

This motocross charms necklace has a charm that is similar to our Best Overall suggestion, but the charm is mounted on a leather rope instead of the snake chain necklace.

The price for this item is attractive although it is shipped from China and you may need to wait some time for it arrive.  If you are willing to wait, this item is for you otherwise we would recommend either the Best Overall or Best under $20 selections.



We are certain that whichever motocross charms necklace you choose, the recipient will be very happy with their gift.

We love to hear stories about how people love their necklaces so please leave a comment or email us with your story.