St Benedict Bracelet

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Saint Benedict is considered to be the Patron Saint of Europe and was the founder of the Rule of Saint Benedict.  The Rule of Saint Benedict is the dedication to community and rules surrounding probation and vows of obedience.

The Holy Medal of St Benedict, a sacred artifact that has become the emblem of a great saint, has been revered by all Catholics throughout the centuries. It is an ever-present reminder of our love for God and our desire to serve him.

This artifact is the symbol of the threefold nature of Christianity - faith, hope, and charity.

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Best Overall St Benedict Bracelet

A bracelet that is affordable, durable and depicts St Benedict with honor, this bracelet is voted best overall and is available here.  The strong stainless steel bracelet is best for sensitive skin and is sure to last a lifetime.  Add other charms easily with the removable end.  Comes with a great cloth gift bag ready to give as a gift.



Best Metal St Benedict Bracelet Under $20

This highly rated bracelet is stainless steel and comes with a nice gift bag to keep your prized possessions separate and easy to find.



Best Non-Metal St Benedict Bracelet Under $20

This St Benedict Bracelet is perfect for anyone that doesn't like the feel of metal on their wrist.  With a soft and adjustable string, this St Benedict Medal Bracelet will be sure to impress anyone that receives it.  This particular bracelet is a red string material but the bracelet is also available in black.



The Saint Benedict bracelet can be used as a means to help someone feel closer to God. It is thought to bring God closer to them due to the way it could connect them with Him. It helps a person to get closer to Him because of its association with Christ and other believers.

It's also said to be a thing that will help someone to have a relationship with their God. This is something that may be useful for someone who doesn't feel that they are close enough with their faith to actually have a connection with it. This can be a terrific help for someone who is looking for a way to reconnect with God.

Bracelets are not just used as a means to get closer to God. They are also said to be used as a way to have a more positive life. The St Benedict Bracelet helps in this respect and can be worn with other saints as well.  See below for links to a selection of Saints that can help you in many ways.

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