Triquetra Bracelet

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Find the Perfect Gift for those that love the Celtic Triquetra or otherwise called the Celtic Trinity Knot.  We can help you find a Celtic bracelet in less than 10 minutes without breaking the bank.

We have organized this blog post into the best overall triquetra charm bracelet, best triquetra charm bracelet under $20 and the best triquetra charm bracelet under $10 so you can make the best decision possible.

A Celtic Triquetra Knot is also calling a triskelion knot. It's a history and importance which are both ancient and modern.

The triskelion knot is usually drawn in the form of a circle. But, there are other kinds that may be used based on the symbol that's being used. It may even be regarded as a cross-like pattern. This knot may be drawn as a ring knot, a round knot, or a straight line knot.

The emblem for this knot is a three-pointed celebrity. The 3 points represent the 3 branches of the three-branched tree that's the tree of life. In addition to the 3 branches of the knot may also signify a three-step process that a person will go through.

There are many different reasons why someone would wear this knot. 1 reason is to demonstrate respect for those that have passed off. Another reason could be to celebrate a specific event such as a wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion.

The symbol for this particular knot is also connected with religious beliefs. It is believed that the Celtic triskelion was utilized as a talisman by ancient people in order to shield their souls. They would then await the "rebirth" of the soul. As it turns out, the knot is said to signify life too.

Another reason for wearing this knot is since it helps to bring balance into a relationship. If there is a lot of anger or hatred in a relationship then this knot can help bring peace between the two individuals involved.

Best Overall Triquetra Bracelet

This Triquetra Bracelet is one of the nicest bracelets we have seen.  It is mounted on a strong fitting that can be removed from the bracelet and used on any other bracelet or necklace as a pendant.

The bracelet itself is stainless steel, strong with a sturdy lobster claw clasp.

The bracelet also comes with a nice cloth gift pouch, ready to be given as a gift to a lucky recipient. 



Best Triquetra Bracelet Under $20

This beautiful triquetra bracelet has a sterling silver link chain with an adjustable chain that makes an easy fit for most anyone.

The triquetra symbol itself has a slight twist to it with the addition of a heart within the charm.  This may take away from the traditional triquetra symbol, but can be a nice addition for those that like hearts.



Best Triquetra Bracelet Under $10

This triquetra barcelet is a combination of metal, leather and glass.  The bracelet is adjustable and will fit most people with ease.

For a slightly different look than the Best Overall and the Best Under $20 bracelets, this piece moves in the direction of a more casual look with leather than the metal bracelets presented previously.

A nice addition for those on on a budget, but still want to give a nice gift.



The Celtic Knot is a beautiful symbol of love that's been utilized for centuries.  it's thought that the Celtic Knot was developing to be a symbol of a relationship and the knot being the sign of commitment. They have been used on several occasions from linking wedding rings to linking various different types of knots.

These knots frequently represent many different meanings including love, friendship, faith, and other types of values.

Whichever reason you decide to give one, it is a symbol that will be remembered and cherished forever.