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Always pounding the table with a pencil and tapping your feet?

Satisfy your inner rock star with this exclusive Stainless Steel Drumsticks Necklace.

Men or women, musicians or fans, whether you really play drums or really pretend to play (guitar hero),

this necklace is a subtle tribute to your drummer passion.

It features a beautiful matching chain and solid 2" drumsticks.

The perfect drummer gift idea!

This Drum Gift is a wonderful way to treat yourself, or any of the following people:

* Drummer Gifts for Women

* Drum Gifts

* Any Drummer

* Drum Dad

* Drum Majorette

* Drum Gifts for Teen Boys

* Grandpa Drummer

*Female Drummers.

This Drumstick Necklace is Perfect as Drummer Gift for Men or Women.

As far as Drum Gifts Are Concerned, This Drumming Gift is Perfect for:

* a drum major

* drum teacher

* drum novelty

* drum accessories

* drum themed or just a drum related gift.

Drumstick gifts are truly unique and this 316L Stainless Steel drumstick jewelry will last a lifetime. Never fade

Anyone receiving this drummer gift will love it.

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