Brain Keychain - Brain Gifts or Horror Gifts and Neurology Gifts and Scary Gifts for Horror Fans and Gifts for Psychologists makes great Horror Movie Merchandise Horror Movie Gifts Novelty Keychains

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There are many options for horror movie merchandise and gifts for fans of the genre. Some ideas might include for Ages 13 and Up. 

- Scary Movie Gifts and Horror Gifts for Women or Horror Movie Collectibles or Gifts for Horror Movie Fans or Halloween Key Chains and Halloween Merch and Horror Fan Merchandise Spooky Keychain Novelty Figures

- Psychology Graduation Gifts or Neurologist Gift and a Brain Horror Keychain Horror Merch and Horror Gifts for Men or Horror Classic Characters Themed Party Supplies and Horror Jewelry

- Psychology Gifts for Women or Psychologist Gifts for Women or Psychologist Gift for Men or a Keychain Gothic Horror Movie Novelty Scary Movie Decorations

- Horror Movie Toys or Horror Party Favors Horror Collectibles and Horror Merchandise and Halloween Keychain Horror Movie Car Accessories and Horror Film Gifts as Pop Keychain Horror and Serial Killer Decorations Horror Toy

- Keep Talking Im Diagnosing You Psychology Things for a Licensed Educational Psychologist or Brain Gifts for Neurologist and Psychology Major Gifts with a Brain Charm

Horror movie t-shirts and clothing with characters or slogans from popular films Horror movie action figures or collectibles, such as Funko Pop figurines Horror movie soundtracks or DVD/Blu-ray sets for collectors Horror movie-themed accessories, such as keychains or jewelry featuring characters or symbols from the films Horror movie board games or other tabletop games based on popular franchises Horror movie decor, such as wall art or throw pillows featuring characters or scenes from the films Horror movie books or comics, such as behind-the-scenes guides or adaptations of popular franchises Horror movie-themed party supplies, such as decorations, invitations, or favors Horror movie-themed kitchen items, such as mugs or aprons featuring characters or slogans from the films Some horror gifts might also be suitable for people with an interest in psychology, such as books about the psychology of horror or psychology-themed gifts like brain-shaped stress balls. However, it's important to be mindful of the recipient's interests and boundaries, and to avoid giving gifts that might be inappropriate or distressing.