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This Dinosaur Jewelry Brontosaurus Dinosaur charm bracelet is perfect for the dinosaur lover. A great gift for a student of paleontology or someone who just loves Brontosaurus Dinosaurs. This adjustable stainless steel bangle has beautiful scrolled wrist protectors. Fashionable for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit or suit. Ready to be ordered and shipped to you by Amazon.

For Ages 13 and Above

Dinosaurs were a diverse group of animals over the course of Earth history. They went through a variety of evolutionary stages and shared many of the same characteristics across their various species. The most well-known dinosaurs are known as Class Dinosaurs and include the most famous like Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl. These are the T-Rex and Pterodactyl.

One of the most recognizable dinosaurs was the biggest and most complete, of all dinosaurs. Brontosaurus was a Sauropod that would have covered more than two feet from head to tail. It is best known for the amazing T-Rex Sauropod. Brontosaurus was a class of enormous, carnivorous dinosaurs that are better known for their massive antlers than any other ornithopods.

The largest dinosaurs were classified as Ordoviridae, which includes some of the most colossal sauropods that ever existed. Some of these include the most famous of all, the Oviraptor. Another well-known member of this genre of dinosaurs is the Sauropodomorph that was very similar to modern-day crocodiles. The group collectively also includes the Stegosaurus and the most complete Oviraptor ever discovered.

Some facts about these incredible carnivores have been discovered recently. A study by paleontologists led by paleontologist Dr. Steven Teitelbaum of the University of Alberta found that the most complete Brontosaurus was much larger than previously thought. The study also discovered that Brontosaurus was not isolated species and that it was moderately sized subspecies which co-occurs with the Stegosaurus.

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