Dinosaur Jewelry | Brontosaurus Bracelet Silver Plated Snake Chain Bracelet Great for Jurassic World Party Supplies and Dinosaur Party Favors or Excellent choice for Dinosaur Bracelet Dinosaur Prizes

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This Dinosaur Jewelry Brontosaurus Dinosaur Snake Chain Charm Bracelet is the Perfect Gift for Women and Men.

One of the Nicest Brontosaurus Charms on a 7 1/2 inch Snake Chain Bracelet for People that Love Dinosaurs and Paleantology.

Brontosaurus meaning "thunder lizard" from Greek βροντή, brontē "thunder" and σαῦρος, sauros "lizard") is a genus of gigantic quadruped sauropod dinosaurs. Although the type species, B. excelsus, had long been considered a species of the closely related Apatosaurus,[3] researchers proposed in 2015 that Brontosaurus is a genus separate from Apatosaurus and that it contains three species: B. excelsus, B. yahnahpin, and B. parvus.

Brontosaurus had a long, thin neck and a small head adapted for a herbivorous lifestyle; a bulky, heavy torso; and a long, whip-like tail. The various species lived during the Late Jurassic epoch in the Morrison Formation of what is now North America, and were extinct by the end of the Jurassic.[5] Adult individuals of Brontosaurus are estimated to have weighed up to 15 tonnes (15 long tons; 17 short tons) and measured up to 22 metres (72 ft) long. As the archetypal sauropod, Brontosaurus is one of the best-known dinosaurs and has been featured in film, advertising, and postage stamps, as well as many other types of media.

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