Charm Holder | The Varenna Charm Necklace Creates Charm Necklaces that You Want using Your Own Charms Compatible with Pandora This is a Great Gift for Someone with Charms they are proud of

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Dave The Bunny - The Varenna Charm Holder Pendant (Patent Pending) is Perfect for Showing all of your charms. Great as gifts for anyone that has a collection of charms and wants to wear them front and center.

Stainless Steel and Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Compatible with Pandora, and all other major charm producers.

Multiple pendants can be worn at the same time to show off all of your charms.

For Ages 13 and Up

  • Create Your Own Necklace Charms a Charm Necklace for Women or Men Compatible with PANDORA
  • Charm Necklace for Women - Build Womens Charm Necklace with this Charm Holder Necklace For Women
  • Still Wearing Your Charms on Your Wrist? Compatible with Pandora Necklaces for Women
  • 100% Stainless Steel HypoAllergenic for Sensitive Skin Most Secure Pendant Charm Holders Available
  • Compatible with Pandora Charms and Compatible with Pandora Bracelet a Customizable Pendant Necklace