Hunting Jewelry | Deer Horn Necklace with 22 inch Stainless Steel Snake Chain with Deer Horn Pendant Great Deer Gifts for Women or Deer Necklace for Men or Hunting Necklace for Men

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This Deer Head with Antlers charm necklace is perfect for the Outdoor Person. A great gift for a Hiker or someone who just loves Deer Head with Antlers. This 22 inch stainless steel necklace has a beautiful snake chain pattern and lobster clasp. Fashionable for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit or suit. Ready to be ordered and shipped to you by Amazon.

This product for Ages 13 and up

Antlers are extensions of an animal's skull found in members of the deer family. Antlers are true bone and are a single structure. They are generally found only on males, with the exception of the reindeer/caribou. Antlers are shed and regrown each year and function primarily as objects of sexual attraction and as weapons in fights between males for control of harems.

In contrast, horns, found on pronghorns and bovids such as sheep, goats, bison and cattle, are two-part structures. An interior of bone (also an extension of the skull) is covered by an exterior sheath made of keratin, the same material as human fingernails and toenails, grown by specialized hair follicles. Horns are never shed and continue to grow throughout the animal's life. The exception to this rule is the pronghorn which sheds and regrows its horn sheath each year. They usually grow in symmetrical pairs.

Antlers are unique to cervids. The ancestors of deer had tusks (long upper canine teeth). In most species, antlers appear to replace tusks. However, two modern species (the musk deer and the water deer) have tusks and no antlers and the muntjac has small antlers and tusks.

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