Thespian Necklace | Theater Jewelry or Drama Masks Jewelry for Women Men and Any Actor or Director A Great Gift as an Acting Necklace or Theater Necklace or Comedy and Tragedy Necklace for Actors

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This Theatre Gift is the perfect actor necklace and thespian jewelry.

Comedy tragedy jewelry is perfect for:

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This theatre necklace pendant is beautiful on a 22 inch snake chain.

Anyone receiving this theatre gift will love it.

For Ages 13 and Above

Every play had them. Without them, amphitheaters seemed incomplete. These two faces represented the two basic emotions of joy and sorrow. They weren’t human faces; they were masks. We are talking about those two faces that have together become the symbol of theatre ― the comedy and tragedy theatre masks.

Though the masks as symbols of theatre and acting, have become popular universally, the story behind their origin is relatively less famous. What is interesting however, is that the masks are always portrayed together. The origins of these masks can be traced back to open-air Greek theatre. Greek plays were performed wearing them. The intent of wearing the masks was to represent different emotions, and their look was exaggerated for the audience to be able to clearly distinguish between them.

Derived from Greek mythology, the theatrical masks are symbols of the ancient Greek Muses, Thalia and Melpomene.

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