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This Drumstick Necklace is Great for the Drummer that you know. 2 Drum Sticks Charm on a 22 inch Stainless Steel Snake Chain and comes with a Great Gift Pouch for that added specialness.

For Ages 13 and Up.

When you're buying a set of drumsticks for playing the drums, there are a few things you need to consider. First of all, you need to decide what kind of grip the drum has. Different drummers use different grips. You want a sturdy and comfortable grip that doesn't slip and doesn't leave hot fingers from a cool plastic grip.

Different types of drumsticks come in different shapes. Snaredrums come in mostly flat, round, or square shapes. Bass drums come in mostly conical shapes and are about twice as long as snare drums. Cymbals are about two to three feet long and come in various shapes, but again, the shapes vary widely among manufacturers.

Rubber drumsticks are the most comfortable and common for drummers to use. Rubber is a natural substance, so it's not possible to create special shapes like other sticks. There are several types of rubber used for drumsticks: expanded polystyrene, gel, expanded polyurethane (EPS), polyurethane, molybdenum, nylon, sponge, and urethane. Depending on the sound of a drummer wants, there is a specific type of drumsticks to choose from. For bass drums, you might consider investing in a set of expanded polystyrene sticks. They are very thick and offer excellent support and comfort while playing.

5a sticks, also known as hoops or snare sticks, come in a variety of shapes and weights. The main difference between the sticks and other types of drumsticks is the size of the head. The bigger the head, the heavier it gets. So if you're looking for a light instrument that won't make your hands sore after hours of practice, get a pair of sticks. They are available in many different sizes and they are usually very durable.

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