Mama Bear Keychain | Bear Gifts for Women and Men a Great Bear Gift and Mama Bear Gifts or Grandma Bear Gift for Mamma Bear a Perfect Gift for Bear Lovers that Love Bear Items and Bear Accessories

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This Mama Bear Keychain is Perfect for the Momma Bear in the Family. A Great reminder that everyone depends on them to be the protector and provider. Show your love for the Moma Bear or even Grandma Bear.

For Ages 13 and Up.

The Native American bear symbolizes energy, family, strength, courage and friendship. The bear itself is independent and thoughtful, with little need for human contact. However, the bear has strong instincts and drive to protect and serve, which is why it is often represented in stories as the creature that represents the relationship between the bear and people. The bear itself symbolizes courage and protection, while the story is about how the bear interacts with humans. The bear also is strong-willed and self-contained in nature, which means that it will not easily be influenced by the other less independent creatures in its environment.

There are a few different stories about the origin of the bear symbol in the native American culture. Some stories describe the bear as a storyteller who gives meaningful tales to people while others relate that the bear represents a medicine man. The native people believe that the bear has special powers and abilities that are passed down from generation to generation within the tribe. In some stories, the bear symbolizes the earth as a whole. In other stories, the bear represents the earphones of the tribe.

Today there are many tribes that still use the bear symbol to honor their dead ancestors. The black bear symbol is used to honor chief burial grounds in some tribes. Sometimes bare bones are buried near the graves of warriors and those warriors are honored by placing a black bear skull on top of the grave. Black bears are also considered to be the spirits of those killed in the line of duty. Many tribes believe that if an Indian warrior dies fighting, his spirit will stay with the warrior's ancestors and they will see each other again in the future.

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