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This Bear Necklace is a Great Gift for Women and Men who Love Nature or Just Love Bears.

For Ages 13 and Up

If you really want to understand what bear symbolism means to you and what this meaning is related to your personal growth, you must first understand that it represents strength and fortitude. The bear spirit is not just brawn and size, but also spiritual strength, not to mention the strong mental self-confidence and self-assurance! It possesses an enormous sense of confidence and self-assurance, not to mention the raw physical power as well. So, this animal has a tremendous power to inspire and motivate us.

The power of this animal is inherent in it's strength and fortitude, both of which are very important to a human being. However, the strength of this inner strength comes from within a person. Many people have a lot of the 'personality traits' that one associates with this magnificent animal. It includes confidence, courage, and so on. You could say that the bear symbolism helps a person to boost his or her inner strength and fortitude - which are certainly a great plus point!

Now, bear spirit animal meanings are connected with a number of things. For instance, it symbolizes maturity. Because the bear is large and strong, it symbolizes adulthood. This is certainly very significant, especially if you think about the fact that growing old is one of the most important things in life! It also symbolizes maturity for many other reasons. For example, when we grow up, we face new challenges and therefore it symbolizes a transition in our lives, a period of change, or maturity.

Another meaning of bear symbolism is that it symbolizes leadership. Because it stands tall it symbolizes a position of leadership. And this means that it can be a great symbol for those who want to achieve a leadership role in their lives.

For Ages 13 and Up

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