Bingo Gifts | Bingo Necklace for Bingo Lovers to Accompany all your other Bingo Good Luck Pieces and lucky Bingo Troll and Bingo Daubers that Help You Become King Bingo While you Wear your Bingo Mask

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This Bingo Necklace for Those that Love Bingo is set on a 22 inch stainless steel snake chain.

For Ages 13 and Up

The game of bingo evolved from the roots of ancient gambling. Gambling was a popular pastime in Rome, Egypt and Greece. Archaeological evidence also points to bingo being a popular pastime among Roman noblemen. There is no definitive evidence of the origination of bingo but many historians believe it developed from an older version of the game called Triquetra.

The first official bingo game was held at Salisbury Cathedral in England in the 17th century. This game was based on the game played by Gypsies in Italy called Beano. This Italian game involved rolling a wheel and using numbers on the wheel to place "bets" or bids. Invented by an English scholar named Robert Cotter, who wrote a book on the origins of bingo, the game was immediately popular. It was very popular in Ireland and Scotland but did not grow in popularity until the mid-nineteenth century. During this time it became even more popular in Belgium and France.

The most exciting part of playing bingo is winning tickets. There are numerous methods available for winning tickets. One of the most common methods is called Instant Winners Bingo. This is where the player receives an instant winner bingo card and can begin playing immediately. Many times these bingo cards come with tickets for other games, and other prizes as well.

The player may also win bonus bingo tickets along with every time that they win. Another method that is often used is the Bingo Tree. This is where players accumulate points by playing the game. The player then makes their way up the tree and places their winning ticket into the jackpot. Every time the player wins a bingo they add their point to the jackpot.

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