Zodiac Gifts Crab Necklace | Crab Gifts for Cancer Zodiac Gifts For Women or Contelation Jewelry showing Cancer Constellation Necklace for Women or Men that enjoy Horoscope Pendants with Cancer Charm

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This Crab Necklace is a Great Gift for anyone that Loves Crab, the Ocean or is the Zodiac Cancer Sign.

For Ages 13 and Up.

One of the most widely known symbols of the sea is the crab. Crab symbolism has been around for many thousands of years. Although the crab typically lives its life alternating between water and land, its spiritual significance focuses on the sea element. The moon and its associated waxing and rising themes are key in crab symbolism. Also of vital importance is the crab's ability to regenerate. As healing powers are important to a creature that must constantly swim against the elements, the symbolism of regeneration is also important to sailors and those who simply seek a healthy body.

There are many types of crab symbolism throughout the world. They are sometimes considered evil beings because of their tendency to bite and eat other crabs. This is why they are sometimes pictured as walking evil spawn. However, some other cultures, such as the Native American tribes believe that crab spirits can help the creator to better understand his creation. This is why the American Indians used crab symbolism to represent the spirits of the dead.

It is said that if a person is able to find a dead crab and crack its shell, then this is an omen to health and prosperity in the future. Many Native American tribes believe that crab symbolism is a very important part of their spiritual beliefs. For instance, the Crow tribe will bury the deceased shell and carve a sacred drum with its body. The drum is then carried to a specific location on the reservation where a ceremony will be held where the drum is believed to grant a person special powers.

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