Paw Print Necklace | Dog Necklace for Women a Great Gift of a Dog Paw Necklace For Women or Men an Excellent Pendant Paw Print Necklace for Women Dad or Mom that Love Dogs and Paw Print Pendant

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This Dog Paw Print Necklace is a Great Gift for any Dog Owner or for somebody that just loves dogs.

For Ages 13 and Up

This 22 inch stainless steel snake chain necklace comes with a cloth pouch ready to be given as a gift.

The domestic dog is the first species, and the only large carnivore, known to have been domesticated. Especially over the past 200 years, dogs have undergone rapid phenotypic change and were formed into today's modern dog breeds due to artificial selection by humans. These breeds can vary in size and weight from a 0.46 kg (1 lb) teacup poodle to a 90 kg (200 lb) giant mastiff. Phenotypic variation can include height measured to the withers ranging from 15.2 cm (6 in) in the Chihuahua to 76 cm (30 in) in the Irish Wolfhound. Color varies from white through grays (usually called "blue") to black, and browns from light (tan) to dark ("red" or "chocolate") in a wide variety of patterns; coats can be short or long, coarse-haired to wool-like, straight, curly, or smooth. The skull, body, and limb proportions vary significantly between breeds, with dogs displaying more phenotypic diversity than can be found within carnivores' entire order. Some breeds demonstrate outstanding skills in herding, retrieving, scent detection, and guarding, demonstrating the functional and behavioral diversity of dogs. The first dogs were domesticated from shared ancestors of modern wolves; however, the phenotypic changes that coincided with the dog-wolf genetic divergence are unknown.

  • Dog Necklace Jewelry of Dog Paws Necklace and Great Gift for Dog Lovers of Any Kind
  • A Necklace with Paw Print or Dog Paw Necklaces and Dog Paw Jewelry for a Proud Dog Owner or Trainer
  • Puppy Necklace for Women that is a Great Gift of Dog Jewelry for Women or Dog Pendant Necklace
  • Dog Necklaces Jewelry Paw Print Gift to Celebrate a New Puppy or a Rescue Dog for a Friend
  • This Paw Print Necklace is a Thoughtful Gift for anyone that just lost a Loved Pet Dog