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Koala Bear Gift for Women and Men. Koala Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Bear Lovers and looks Perfect and Cute with any Outfit.

Special Jewelry for Australians or People that Love Australia. Australia Gift.

Stainless Steel Snake Chain

For Ages 13 and up

Protecting koala bears is a great way to both help the koala and save the environment as well. One of the largest populations of koala in Australia is in Australia's South Island, approximately in the Okarito and Uluru areas. The koala is an omnivore, which means it eats vegetation as well as other animals. Protecting koalas would be equivalent to preserving the koala's forests, which act like a huge carbon sink by acting as a natural filter, purifying the air around them.

The koala is a nocturnal animal that is adapted to live in the trees. Australia is the only continent where koala's population still resides in the moist leaves of eucalyptus trees. This is unlike most other koalas, which spend their days on dry land. Koala bears usually eat a variety of foods, which includes leaves, fruits, seeds, insects, and carrion. They also drink eucalyptus and take water from puddles. Eucalyptus is the primary source of food for the koala bear; therefore, if the eucalyptus tree is cut down, the koala is threatened of starving to death.

When humans started arriving in Australia in the early 20th century, the koala was placed in locked up cages at the major wildlife parks such as Melbourne, Mildura, and Adelaide. Koala were tranquilized using electric shockers. This method had been proven to work well with other animals and the koala was no exception. The Victorian government introduced a ban on the use of electric shockers at the parks. Since then, the practice has been discontinued all together.

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