Lucky Charm | Good Luck Gifts of Ladybug and Four Leaf Clover Bracelet a Great Good Luck Bracelet and Ladybug Gifts or Four Leaf Clover Good Luck Charm Gifts for Women and Men Compatible with Pandora

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This Four Leaf Clover and Ladybug charm bracelet is perfect for the insect lover. A great gift for a student of biology or someone who just loves Ladybugs and Good Luck. This adjustable Stainless Steel Snake Chain Bracelet is beautiful and with a Strong Lobster Clasp. Fashionable for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit or suit. Ready to be ordered and shipped to you by Amazon.

For Ages 13 and Up

A Ladybug is a beautiful flying insect that is found on many plants. Ladybugs are small insects which fly around sucking plant juices. Many people are familiar with the term "Ladies Bug" because ladybugs often appear in many colors such as red, orange, pink, purple, and yellow.

Many people have different myths about where the ladybug came from. One of the most popular stories is about a beautiful princess who was being chased by pirates. In order to protect her, she transformed herself into a ladybug and flew away on a white horse. When she landed on the pirate ship, the crew mistook her for a robber due to the bright colors she was wearing.

Another belief about the origin of ladybugs is that they were sent by the gods to protect the world from evil spirits. These evil spirits were believed to be responsible for stealing the sun. The princess would light the sun on fire in an attempt to get back her lost love. This act was believed to appease the gods and prevent evil from taking place in the coming year.

A different version of the legend tells that the Sun God came down from the heavens and announced that he would burn up the entire world if anyone tries to tamper with his rays. Because of this extreme superstition, the ancient peoples began to associate the Sun God with ladybugs, as these insects always fly about the world on the summer's days. Many people believe that Ladybugs bring good luck to their gardens and that they are very happy when they find a ladybug in their garden.

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