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This Moose Snake Chain Charm Bracelet is a perfect gift or keepsake. The Moose is symbolic and a Classic for an Animal Bracelet or Wildlife Jewelry.

For Ages 13 and Up.

The symbol of the moose is one of North America's favorite animals. It is also widely represented in literature, movies, and other artwork. One of the interesting facts about this animal is that it has a wide range of symbols depending on different regions and cultures. There are basically two kinds of symbols that can be found in North American cultures. One symbol represents the moose as an animal that is very large, powerful, and dangerous.

The other meaning for moose symbolism includes spirituality and strength. Since moose are from the large pack animals, their spirit animal is their strength and courage. This is a very important aspect to their life and they always need to have a little more courage to face challenges in their daily lives. Because of this, moose symbolism has a lot of power to communicate a people's positive intention to their luck.

Of all North American mammals, the moose is the most popular and the most depicted animal in North American wildlife artwork. Their symbol can either stand for strength or courage. Many people choose to incorporate moose symbolism into their artistic style to bring balance to their personality. Because of their intimidating nature, it is very important that moose should be portrayed as strong and brave. The antlers provide the additional advantage that makes it easier for artists to portray moose's true nature.

Another common meaning of moose symbolism is in the context of strength. Because the moose is always faced with challenges, its ability to endure and defeat them makes it a symbol of strength. Many Native American tribes consider the antlers as the strongest part of the creature. Because the antlers grow continuously, they represent the life of the moose.

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