Emerald Park Jewelry Origami Crane Keychain

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This Origami Bird Charm Keychain is a Great Gift for anyone that loves Birds or Loves Origami.

For Ages 13 and Up

Origami is a fun hobby that has many rewards. If you are a kid you can make wonderful things with paper, the types of paper vary and you can use any type of paper to make different things. You don't have to start at the beginning and work your way up, the most important thing to do is to start. There is nothing more fulfilling than sitting down and making something out of paper. Here is a list of origami that you might find intriguing, if not creative enough you can add your own origami designs.

The origami crane is a very popular paper art form. Kids love to make them and there is no end to how many different kinds of cranes you can make. The first question, why do you make origami crays? is asked of most people as they see making a origami crane out of some paper from the local grocery store, and then adding a few colors to it to make it more real looking.

Bird origami is another great way to create a paper crane, or origami bird for that matter. How would you like to create a bird house with only a few sheets of fabric, or even fabric scraps, and some paper, scissors and a marker. The first step is to trace a bird's body onto the front and back of the square, using the reverse fold technique. Next you will want to make a small square on the inside of the reverse fold and unfold it inside the square. Now you can cut strips of fabric that are one inch thick, but make sure they are attached to the inside of the square, this is called the inside reverse fold.

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