Chess Gifts | Queen Necklace for Women or Men a Great Chess Piece Charm of Themed Chess Pieces that makes a Great Chess Gift or Chess Necklace of Queens Necklace or Queen Pendant for Chess Decoration

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This Queen Chess Piece Necklace Pendant is a Great Gift for the Chess Player in your Life.

For Ages 13 and Up.

For many of the more advanced techniques in chess, the Queen is usually the strongest piece and the most useful to have on the board. Her basic tactic is to remain in the front line, and to not allow her pieces to be blocked by any of her enemy's pieces. You can use the Queen's basic tactic to push your opponent's pieces back without blocking them, and you do so by moving her into the line of fire. If she is put in a bind, then her basic tactic is the best way to defend against a pin.

You should consider using the Queen. Although other players try to make the most of their pieces by using their strongest ones, the Queen can often do the same thing. Using her basic tactics, she can move around the board and attack her opponent's weaker pieces without getting trapped. Knowing what she can do, and how to use her pieces, will allow you to become the winner in many games.

The queen is the piece that can move the closest to the "vulnerable" points on the board. So, now you see that the Queen is much more important that the King or the Bishop. I also discovered that the Queen was the only piece that could move three spaces forward - behind the rook or the bishop. This made the Queen a very powerful piece, as well as one that could become the most important piece on the board. It also became apparent that the Queen could cancel the movement of the Rook or the Bishop, giving her free moves into the open field.

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