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This Saint Jude Thaddeus Necklace is Perfect for those that Love the Patron Saint Jude. A Great Gift for Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Friend, Son, Daughter or Anyone Else.

For Ages 13 and Up.

Saint Jude, sometimes referred to as Saint Jesus or simply Jude, is one of the most famous characters in the Bible.

Saint Jude's life is important for understanding the life of Jesus, as he spread the gospel of God to the people on the earth. Many Christians consider him to be a great figure and have their own interpretation of what exactly happened to him, both during his life and afterwards. Some of these ideas center around his death and crucifixion.

St Jude was born in Nazareth (a region of Judea), but is said to have been born in Tiberias, near the place where Jesus Christ was born. He is said to have lived in that region for about three years when he was arrested and imprisoned by the Romans for the "crime" of accepting a Roman gift without expecting anything in return. For giving this gift, he was beaten and imprisoned for nine months in the house of a leper on the hill overlooking Tiberias. After his release, he went to Rome and lived there for the remainder of his life. Some say that he only spent a short time in Rome, but according to the Bible, he remained there as a Christian until he went on a mission to preach the gospel to the world.

Patron Saint of Lost Causes is a Christian patron saint. One of the twelve apostles of Jesus, his original name was Judas, or Judas Is Disciple, but eventually it was changed to Jude for reasons of avoiding confusion with another figure of the same name.

The most well-known story of St. Jude is that he was an apprentice with Ignatius, a leader of the Roman sect of Christians. When he refused to carry out some of his assignments, he was beaten and thrown into a cave, where he was able to relate his story later in a sermon.

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