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This Typewriter Necklace is a Perfect Gift for a Writer. Perfect for: - Documents Writers - Novel Writers - Story Writers - Reporters - Authors - How To Writers - Blog Writers - Copy Writers. For Ages 13 and Up

The difference between writers and authors is very clear in the titles. Author stands for author whereas the writer means author. But in case of biographies, neither the writer nor the author is the author. The ideas of other minds are written down. Although the disparity may not seem to be too much, actually, depending upon the scenario, the disparity is more.

If you're writing a novel based on an idea developed by your own, you'll become known as the novel's author. This is what happens if you click here to get the book. Other authors regard you as the co-author or co-writer. In case of biographies and memoirs, the other party is a ghost writer. If you're writing the book yourself, you could be called a writer, and that person would be known as a writer. The same distinction holds true for screenplays, lyrics, songs and any other literary works.

Biographies, memoirs and novels, all come under the category of literary works. As compared to a work of fiction, a literary work is a work that tells a story without any fictional elements such as imaginary actions, persons or places. Novels, in contrast, tell a story with fictitious elements. A novel is a literary work that deals with real characters while a play or a film tells a fictitious story.

Novels and plays, being stories, are different from other works in many ways. They use narration and narrations and they involve various plot developments. In a novel, a character grows, develops, alters and transforms through the course of the novel. Similarly, in a play, a protagonist may change, grow or develop whereas in a movie the main protagonist is the hero.

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