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This Pie Charm Necklace is a Great Gift for any Baker or for anyone that just Loves Pie.

For Ages 13 and Up.

One of the biggest questions get asked most often is exactly what to do when the pie is baked. What are the proper directions for baking it correctly? And the answer almost always is, It depends. Some people use pie weights, others use a pastry bag and then some people use aluminum foil. However, it really depends on the way your pie is being made and the thickness of the crumb of the pie.

Some pie fillings such as pumpkin and butterscotch require that the filling be cooked before being used. This is true for recipes such as pumpkin pie filling, Apple pie filling, and so on. The rule of thumb is that if the recipe says to bake in an oven, cook the pie filling until the bottom of the pie has reached 360F degrees F. Then remove it from the oven and let it rest for about 10 minutes. At that point you'll be able to slice it and serve.

Another common problem that occurs is the inability to make the crust finish smooth and even. It can be very frustrating if the filling is too heavy or the crust is too hard when you're done rolling it out. There are several ways around this, but one of them involves blind baking.

Blind baking a pie includes putting the filling in the hot pre-heated oven and then covering it with aluminum foil. You let it cook for about 2 hours, uncovered, turning the foil over every half hour. The foil also helps to prevent steam from developing because it acts as an insulator.

The second rule regarding blind baking for savory pies include putting the filling in hot water first and then baking the pie crust in the center of this water. In general, this pan should be pre-heated to about 350F. The reason for this is that it will create the right kind of steam for perfect filling baking. When you put the filling in the center of the baking pan, it will rise to the top.

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