Donkey Ass Necklace | Animal Charm Snake Chain Necklace

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Democratic Gifts | Donkey Gifts for Democrat Gifts or for Those that Love Donkeys and Mules Great Political Gifts for Democrats or 90's Hip Hop Jewelry and Democratic Donkey Gifts for Women and Men

This Donkey Mule Charm Necklace has a 22 inch Silver Plated Snake Chain and is Perfect for anyone that loves Donkeys or any kind of Animal.

For Ages 13 and Up

As you can see, the donkey has played a big role in cartoons, politics, and history. The donkey has become a very beloved cartoon character. Many of us can still think of the cartoon donkey whenever we hear the word "jackass". In fact, some political cartoonists have incorporated the donkey into their works, most notably those who made political cartoons during the Cold War.

In France, the donkey appears as an ally of the elephant who wants to destroy the tanks of the Germans. In other versions of the cartoon, the donkey tricks the German soldiers so that they let the elephant go free. Finally, the donkey leads the elephant away from the city and safely back to the Allies. In some instances, the donkey is even killed because the allied forces need a supply of provisions for the battlefield. In other instances the donkey saves the Allied soldiers' lives when they are mistaken for Germans.

The donkey is a very old symbol. He appeared in the first-known donkey cartoon that was drawn in France in 1828. The cartoon donkey is shown to be friendly and helpful. He gives his friend, an elephant, a treat and leads the elephant into battle. In other versions of the cartoon, the donkey pulls the car that is carrying the disguised politician. In other words, the donkey serves as an undercover donkey, which the Democrats use frequently to portray the politician as a traditional and mainstream candidate.

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