Great Britain Map Necklace | A Britain Souvenir Discover Britain to Wear during your Great Tours England Scotland and Wales a Great Britain Gift for Those Who Love to Tour England and Travel England

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This Great Britain Necklace is perfect for anyone that is from the UK or visited the UK as a tourist.

Great Gift for a proud Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandmother or Grandfather.

For Ages 13 and Up.

For those who want to learn more about the history of Great Britain, it is possible for you to trace its past through the help of various historical periodicals. These periodicals are accessible through online as well as in bookstores. In the past, Great Britain was ruled by several kings. You can find a number of such kings who reigned over Britain and who, consequently, reigned over vast domains which stretched across many time periods. They were some of the most powerful kings in the history of Great Britain.

The exact chronology of British history can be traced back to five thousand years back. It is known that during this period, the island was under the control of the Roman Empire. At that time, there was no concept of individual freedom. Citizens had to swear allegiance to the Roman regime or suffer the consequences. Several other empires also occupied Britain at that period.

In the fifth century, something happened to transform Great Britain. A small elite group of powerful families who possessed great wealth seized complete power from the British government. They established a system of aristocratic rule over the entire nation. This elite group continued to rule until the tenth century.

During this period, numerous independent kingdoms were established across Britain. Some of these kingdoms were involved in war with each other. As a result, entire time periods were separated and the geography of Great Britain was rearranged. Each period within which the country was administered was known as a separate kingdom.

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