Sheep with White Head Black Body and Tan Face Charm Snake Chain Necklace

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This Black Sheep Necklace Pendant is Perfect for the Black Sheep in the Family or for those that Just Love Farm Animals and Sheep in Particular, Comes with 22 inch Stainless Steel Necklace Chain.

For Ages 13 and Up

Sheep have always been domesticated for hundreds of years now. They were originally used for their wool and milk for perhaps longer than humans have ever herded sheep. Ancient sheep animal images are still found on stone carvings, paintings, wall murals, ancient books, and even on statues of ancient temples and palaces. Their horns, bones, and wool were used as decoration on walls in many ancient civilizations.

A sheepskin brought to the market represents innocence, chastity, fertility, and wealth. Sometimes the sheepskin is also painted with symbols of peace, health, prosperity, and wisdom. The modern-day meaning of sheep symbolism has changed over time. Traditionally, sheep represent innocence and are associated with the Virgin Mary (which is why many people wear a sheep skull as a symbol of protection). However, in modern times, sheep are often associated with cleanliness, cleansing, and virtue.

The Black Sheep is a common symbol of the Vatican. The Holy See is under the authority of the Pope, and they are usually referred to as "the Little Saints." They are also commonly referred to as "the vole," "the white sheep," or "the little vixens." It's interesting that the Black Sheep is also one of the most common symbols associated with the Vatican.

What is so interesting about the Black Sheep? If you take a look at the official Vatican website, you will see that the Vatican uses four other colors for their official flags, including white, green, red, and yellow. What's more interesting about this is that the vole, the symbol of the Vatican, also has several other symbolisms.

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