Evil Eye Pendant with Tears

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For ages 13 and Up. The evil eye is a traditional belief in many cultures that a person can cause harm or misfortune to another person by looking at them with envy or hostility. It is often represented by a charm or pendant, such as a Turkish evil eye pendant, which is believed to protect the wearer from the effects of the evil eye. These pendants are often made of gold, silver, or other materials and may be worn as a necklace or bracelet. They can also be found in a variety of colors, including blue, which is considered to be the most traditional color for evil eye protection. Some people may wear evil eye jewelry as a symbol of good luck or as a way to protect themselves from negativity. Others may give evil eye gifts to friends and family as a way to offer protection and good wishes.

- [HypoAllergenic] 100% Stainless Steel Snake Chain for Sensitive Skin. Will Not Fade or Discolor. An Evil eye Necklace Silver in Color or Ojo Turco. Nice Eye Jewelry for Men.

- Evil Eye Gifts for Women or Evil Eye Necklace for Men as Protection from Evil. Will go with your Evil Eye Necklace Sterling Silver or Evil Eye Choker and Evil Eye Necklace Set.

- Can accompany an Evil Eye Necklace Gold in Color or an Evil Eye Jewelry Set with a Silver Evil Eye Necklace. Goes great with a Evil Eye Set

- Collar Para Mujer Eveil Eye Necklace or Evil Eue Necklaces and Mal de Ojo. This Evil Eye Jewelery is a Protection Necklace for Women and Spiritual Protection Necklace

- Goes great with an Evil Eye Necklace and Bracelet Set and these are Hypoallergenic Necklaces for Women and Nice Greek Evil Eye Pendant Necklace Evil Eye and other Evil Eye Necklaces for Women.