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Fleur de Lis Gift Jewelry for Women and Men.  This Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Mom Dad Brother Sister Boys Girls and looks Perfect with any outfit.

Stainless Steel Snake Chain

For Ages 13 and Up.

The Fleur de lis is a symbol of royalty. It is a symbol that is featured in many popular paintings and it is used widely on gifts for the holiday season. It is also used as a symbol of friendship between nations, romantic love and weddings and many other things. No matter what the purpose for your holiday decorations this year, you can incorporate the Fleur de lis into your design or ideas.

The Fleur de lis has many different meanings, historical facts and legends. France is one of the most historical countries in the world and their rich history dates back centuries. The symbol has been around for a very long time and has various different versions depending on the time period. Some of these versions include: Fleur de li, Fleur de lis de la glace, Fleur de lis de Tours, Fleur de lis du lac, Fleur de lis d'or and Fleur de lis vert.

Many people interpret the meaning of the Fleur de lis differently. The majority of people believe that it symbolizes the struggle of the French people during the French Revolution. Others believe it means the struggle of the French against foreign invasion during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Still others believe that it simply stands for purity, loyalty and honor. No matter what your beliefs are, the meaning is the same.

The meaning of the Fleur de lis can be seen in many places. Many city flags have it as a symbol of pride and honor for the city, while other cities will use it for decorative purposes only. You can see the symbol almost anywhere. However, the Fleur de lis gets its name from the Fleur de lis flower.

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