Guinea Pig Gifts | Guinea Pig Stuff for Men or Women This Guinea Pig Bracelet Is a Great Gift for Guinea Pig Owners and Guinea Pig Lovers Perfect Guinea Pig Novelty Gifts or Guinea Pig Gifts for Women

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A Hamster Guinea Pig Charm is Perfect for anybody that Loves Guinea Pigs and Hamsters.  This Hamster jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Mother Dad Brother or Sister and looks Perfect with any Outfit.

Special Jewelry for a Proud Hamster Owner or for People that Love Small Animals.

Stainless Steel Bracelet Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin

For Ages 13 and Up

The guinea pig or domesticated guinea pig, called crazy or guinea cavy, is a member of the rodent family Caviidae, of the order Cyprinus Fabiata. Despite their name, guinea pigs aren't native to Guinea, and even though they are related to pigs, they are actually not closely related to porcupines, nor are they related to squirrels. Instead, they are members of the rodent group that are easily tamed and live for several years on the same diet. Domesticated guinea pigs (or caged guinea pigs, as they are also known) were first bred in captivity in southeastern China in 1998. Their wild ancestor, the Pig Quai, was probably an ancestor of both the Pig Mino and the White-tailed Mountain Goat.

Because the pigs' natural habitat is swamplands, China is an ideal location for their migration and breeding. In fact, these pigs have become so common breed in captivity that the term "guinea pigs" is commonly used to describe a variety of them. Due to their ever-changing behavior, these pigs can be described as a very versatile pet and are suitable to keep as pets or companions in homes with children, as well as those who prefer not to domesticate a wild animal.

These adorable and fun-loving rodents are highly intelligent and playful. They are also easy to tame, which makes them good choices for beginners who want to include an animal as a pet but aren't sure how to do it. With proper care and nurturing, guinea pigs can grow up to be gentle, furry pets that provide hours of fun for children and adults alike.

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