Lighthouse Bracelet | Light of Hope Symbolic Jewelry Lighthouse Charm on a Silver Plated Snake Chain Bracelet as Lighthouse Jewelry for Women or Men with Lighthouse Hope Charms for Bracelets

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A Lighthouse Gift for Women and Men. Light House Jewelry is the Perfect Gift that shows Symbolism for Hope and Future. Looks Perfect with any Outfit.

Special Jewelry for Hopeful People that Love Their Prospects and need that Light of Beacon.

Silver Plated Snake Chain

For Ages 13 years and up

Lighthouses Symbolize Strength in an Ocean that is Rough and Stormy. A Symbol of Future and Hope that Everything will turn out if you just weather the Storm.

Also a symbol of a Lighthouse Keeper that is able to stay the course and guide those that are in need of direction during rough periods. A symbol of Strength and withstanding Power no matter the strength of the force facing us.

A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and to serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways.

Lighthouses mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, rocks and safe entries to harbors; they also assist in aerial navigation. Once widely used, the number of operational lighthouses has declined due to the expense of maintenance, and have become uneconomical since the advent of cheaper and often much more effective electronic navigational systems.

John Smeaton is noteworthy for having designed the third and most famous Eddystone Lighthouse, but some builders are well known for their work in building multiple lighthouses. The Stevenson family (Robert, Alan, David, Thomas, David Alan, and Charles) made lighthouse building a three-generation profession in Scotland. Irishman Alexander Mitchell invented and built a number of screwpile lighthouses despite his blindness. Englishman James Douglass was knighted for his work on lighthouses.

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