Llama Gifts for Women | A Great Llama Gift a Llama Charm on a Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet also Great Llama Gifts for Men and Llama Themed Gifts for Women because Llama Jewelry is Fun for Everyone

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This Llama Bracelet Bangle Jewelry is a Great Lama Gift that you can wear. Lamma Jewelry is a Wonderful Gift for Women and Men. Llama Stuff and Lama Accessories are the Perfect Addition to any Jewelry Collection.

Llama Llama Jewelry is Inspirational and a Symbol of Fun and Coolness.

The Llama is also a Symbol of Strength, Perseverence, Power and Success.

Llamas Rule!!

Stainless Steel 65mm diameter Beautiful Bangle

This product for Ages 13 and up

The history of llamas begins long before the arrival of humans. Cria, the word for llamas in Spanish and llama is from the Quechuan language. The six identified species in the family are distributed in two categories. Camels are commonly found in Africa and Asia. Llamas, alpaca, and vicugars are located in South America.

Early efforts to domesticate llamas were unsuccessful. The llama was not suited for domestication because of its hairy coat which could be easily lifted out of the hair. It also took over fifty years for domesticating llamas to occur. A successful domestication of the llama occurred around fifteen hundred years ago in Mexico. A group of Mexican llamas were first exported to Europe.

The history of llamas in history is quite an interesting one. Although these animals were originally brought to south America by Spanish Conquistadors, the most commonly documented account of their travels in that region is found in the 16th century writings of Hernan Corte. In his account he described the large herds of llamas that he had led into the desert. These stories suggest that these animals were initially introduced to the Andes Mountains by Spanish Conquistadors in order to keep the herds safe in the high alpine terrains.

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