Llama Gifts | Llama Gifts for Women and Men Llama Necklace makes a Great Llama gift or Llama Party Favor and Llama Decor for Mama Llama and Other Llama and Alpaca Necklaces Lovers of Llama Stuff

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This Llama Necklace Pendant Jewelry is a Great Lama Gift that you can wear. Lamma Jewelry is a Wonderful Gift for Women and Men. Llama Stuff and Lama Accessories are the Perfect Addition to any Jewelry Collection.

Llama Llama Jewelry is Inspirational and a Symbol of Fun and Coolness.

The Llama is also a Symbol of Strength, Perseverence, Power and Success.

Llamas Rule!!

22 Inch Silver Plated Snake Chain

This product for Ages 13 and up

Llamas originated in the Andes Mountains. The Inca were a group of Native people who populated high-altitude areas on the South American rim. These people used llamas because they made very good climbing tools. Today's llamas are also trained for climbing, because they are used as draft animals for hunting. In addition, llamas are also used for many types of work in the clothing industry such as roping and herding.

Many people associate llamas with South America and Peru, though that's not their only original homeland. In fact, llamas don't originate in South America, at least not in the sense in which humans have associated them with that land. In fact, llamas didn't even originate in North America until the late 1800s. However, they did become very popular around that time in North America where they served a variety of purposes as herding animals, draft animals, and on ranches in the back country.

So, what did the Incan symbolic meaning of llamas have to do with today's llamas? The Incan symbolic uses of llamas mirror many things about our own culture. For example, the Incans often used llamas to help carry heavy loads, just as animals in the Incan environment do. In fact, llamas or "llamados" are frequently mentioned in ancient Andean cultures as largeutes (big stuffed animals). Andean cultures also commonly referred to llamas as cameos (little house-roosters) or llandos (wild ox), because they move so quickly in the rainforest.

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