Lung Jewelry - Breathe Pendant with Breathe Charm on Lung Necklace A Just Breathe Necklace of Human Anatomy Gifts great for Lung Cancer Survivor Gifts and Lung Cancer Awareness goes with Cancer Ribbon

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For Ages 13 and Up. There are a variety of products available that support lung cancer awareness and honor those who have survived or are living with lung cancer. Some options include: Lung cancer awareness ribbons, which can be worn on lapels or as pins Lung cancer bracelets, which may feature the ribbon or other symbol of support Lung cancer survivor gifts, such as jewelry or clothing items with messages of hope and encouragement Lung cancer awareness window clings, which can be placed on windows to spread the word about the importance of lung cancer awareness Cancer survivor car magnets, which can be placed on vehicles to show support for those living with cancer Cancer awareness lapel pins, which can be worn to show support for a specific cancer or cancer in general Human anatomy gifts, such as pendants or charms that feature the respiratory system or other body systems affected by cancer. There are many other products available as well, including cancer ribbon pins, cancer awareness pins, just breathe necklaces, and more. These products can be purchased online or at specialty stores that support cancer awareness.

  • [HypoAllergenic] 100% Stainless Steel Snake Chain for Sensitive Skin. Will not Fade or Discolor over Time. A Lung Necklace to go with your Cancer Ribbon Pins or your Cancer Survivor Car Magnet
  • This Lung Pendant can be displayed along with Lung Cancer Bracelets and White Ribbon Stickers or Cancer Awareness Pins
  • This Anatomy Gift can be worn with Cancer Pins or a White Ribbon for Lung Cancer Awareness and Cancer Awareness Lapel.
  • Can be Worn as Lung Cancer Awareness Products or as an Appreciation for Life.
  • A Reminder Cancer Ornament that you or someone you Love has Beaten Lung Cancer. Can be worn at the same time as you display a Lung Cancer Magnetic Ribbon.