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This Ohana means family Stainless Steel Snake Chain Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin is a Great Gift for Everyone to Enjoy as a reminder that Family is Forever.

For Ages 13 and up

One of the most well-known meanings of Ohana is the Hawaiian "O" meaning "blood". The second meaning is that of "love". The third is that of "death" and the fourth is that of "fate".

It may surprise many people to know that the word Ohana means family in Hawaiian. The meaning of the word Ohana is "of one family" in Hawaiian. This is similar to the English meaning of the word family. In the case of the word hand, it also means "one house". Therefore, the Hawaiian word Ohana, which can also be shortened to "oh-LAH-na", can mean "a house, or a household".

Another well-known meaning of Ohana is that of "honor" (it can also be shortened to "oh EE-ahn"). The word honor in Hawaiian actually means "sincerity, respect, and affection". This word, like the word family means that each person in a family is important to another. When someone is not respected, this person is said to be "left behind" by his/her family.

Another well-known meaning of Ohana is "good luck" or "recession medicine". This word is often seen on tattoos and is thought to bring good fortune and prosperity. This may be derived from the Hawaiian phrase "kahani" which means "good luck". The meaning of the word kahani also has a mention in the Bible where Jesus healed some of his apostles on the shore of Patmos (Ithaca).

The meaning of Ohana in Hawaii has also made it into the popular tattoo images of most people today. Many people incorporate the name or a description of Ohana into their design because of its beauty and serenity. Some also include the flower Hawaiian in their tattoos because of its beauty and longevity. And of course the tattoo lovers themselves have made Ohana, a favorite in the many tattoos they have inked.

  • 😃 HYPOALLERGENIC - For Sensitive Skin High Quality Stainless Steel Safe And Comfortable For Skin
  • ğŸŽ UNIQUE GIFT FOR HIM/HER - For Husband Wife Mother Father Boyfriend Girlfriend Brother Sister
  • 🛍️ INCLUDES GIFT BAG - Including Velvet Bag That Can Be Used Repeatedly For Safe Storage
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