Polar Bear Keychain | Mama Bear Keychain or Grandma Bear because Polar Bear Gifts with a Polar Bear Charm are Great as a Polar Bear Party Favor or Momma Bear Gifts and Bear Gifts for Women and Men

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This Polar Bear Jewelry Bear Charm Keychain is the Perfect Polar Bear Gifts and Polar Bear Charm for Women and Men.

For Ages 13 and Up.

Polar Bear is the largest predatory land carnivores in the world. Polar bears are also the third heaviest carnivores, weighing in at around seventy to eight hundred pounds. They are between seven and eight feet in length, from nose to tip of their short, fluffy white tail. Male polar bears are usually a little larger than females, which will weigh up to 1,715 pounds. A big male polar bear can weight up to 1,771 pounds, while a female polar bear might wait up to just over one thousand pounds.

Polar bears live in many of the world's sub-tropical climates, including the Arctic, Asia, the Caspian Sea, and the southern Oceans. Polar bears spend most of their waking time hunting for their meat, such as fish, seal meat, berries, insects, and carrion. They are also known to be less selective of the type of prey they eat, eating anything that is small enough to fit their mouths, including leaves, prawns, insects, and even other fish, as well as walnuts, berries, and lichen. This makes the polar bear an interesting study subject, because the diet of these animals is made up almost entirely out of sea ice. Polar bears hunt for their food on the open sea ice, much like seals, but unlike seals, polar bears must swim very fast in order to catch their prey.

Polar bears are classed as endangered species in many parts of Polar Bear's natural habitat; this is because the Polar Bear's population has been in steady decline for the past twenty years. Polar bears have suffered especially bad declines due to loss of sea ice habitat and increased amounts of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Polar Bear has the greatest chance of recovery from Polar Bear conservation efforts if the global warming caused by human activity can be stopped.

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