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Checkered Racing Flags charm necklace is perfect for those that love to race. A great gift for a racing fan, racer or someone who just loves Checkered Racing Flags. This 22 inch silver plated necklace has a beautiful snake chain pattern and lobster clasp. Fashionable for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit or suit. Ready to be ordered and shipped to you by Amazon.

For Ages 13 and Up.

The checkered flag is a widely used symbol in American, Canadian, and English culture. It is a well-known symbol in sports and in the armed forces. It is a common sign on the racing track, particularly at the start of Grand Prix events. In fact many of the Formula One races use this flag to show the direction of the circuit. But what exactly is the checkered flag meaning?

This simple flag has a number of different meanings. The checkered flag was originally used as an insignia for the Army. It stood for the United States Army Sixth Division. For racing this flag meant that the race had been won by an army regiment. This was used to discourage people from taking part in a military race.

The checkered flag has several other meanings. As an insignia for the Navy, it indicates the division of the fleet in which the flag was raised. The Red Cross, the Red Frigate, the Order of the Eastern Star and the Order of the Yellow Cross are all instances where the checkered flag is used to signify something. The British used the flag differently, however, having their own three colors which were red, white, and blue.

For the military the checkered flag meaning is quite simple. For the Navy it stands for the four branches of the Navy i.e. admiralty, navy, air force and marine corps. For the Air Force it signifies the wings of the Air Force. The Marine Corps uses the checkered flag meaning for the flag of the Corps, which consists mainly of the Air Force and the Navy. The army uses the checkered flag meaning for the flag of the army.

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