San Miguel Arcangel | St Michael Gifts of Saint Michael Bracelet Archangel Michael Protection for Police Officers and Fire Fighters as The Patron Saint Michael for Protection of The St Michael Angel

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This Saint Michael Bracelet Bangle is Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin and Flexible enough to Fix almost any wrist.

For ages 13 and Up.

In Christianity, Saint Michael is considered to be the patron saint of all soldiers regardless of nationality. Many soldiers in the army are said to have dedicated themselves to him. There are many stories about his healing of wounds that were suffered by soldiers while fighting.

Saint Michael is the patron saint of police officers. This fact alone makes this particular saint worthy of being our police force's patron saint. Saint Michael was a Roman Catholic religious figure who became a military leader in Ireland. He later went on to become an archduke of Queen Mary's crown in the UK. In France, he is known as Sartre and he is considered as one of the most influential religious leaders of the period.

Saint Michael is recognized by many as a being a warrior and a spiritual warrior. The angel is well-known for standing up for what is right, fighting for justice and freedom and preserving the peace. A person that practices these ideals can be likened to a Saint Michael in many respects. In the Catholic religion, the patron saint is known as St. Michael the Archangel, a fallen warrior who was restored to life through the sacrifice of his own life.

A more common way of thinking about Saint Michael would be that he is the patron saint of all police officers. This is based on the fact that he defends against violence. St. Michael is known as the Prince of Peace and the Urantia Glorica, the Angel of Healing. He is also regarded as a warrior who stands up for truth and righteousness. These things describe the way a police officer is supposed to act. The police force is an example of how people in general are taught to behave.

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