Tape Measure Charm Necklace - Tool Charms for the Handyman or HandyWoman a Great Gift for a Carpenter or Grandpa Jewelry Charm Great for the Jack of All Trades and those that Measure Twice Cut Once

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For ages 13 and Up. When it comes to jewelry for handymen and carpenters, there are a variety of options available. One popular option is the tape measure necklace. This necklace features a miniature version of a tape measure as a pendant, making it a great way for handymen and carpenters to showcase their love for their trade and keep a useful tool close at hand. In addition to the tape measure necklace, there are also a variety of other necklace tools available. The wrench necklace is another popular option, featuring a miniature version of a wrench as a pendant. Tool charms, such as the hammer charm or mini hammer charms, can be added to a necklace or bracelet for a more personalized touch. For those who prefer a statement piece, the hammer necklace for men is a great option. This necklace features a larger hammer pendant that is sure to catch the eye. Similarly, the wrench jewelry can also be a great way to showcase one's love for their trade. In addition to necklaces, there are also mechanic keychains and keychain boxes available. These items feature a variety of tool charms, such as the wrench keychain or mini wrench keychain. These keychains can be a great way to keep keys organized and can serve as a reminder of one's trade throughout the day. Finally, necklace tools can also be a great way to honor a grandpa's legacy. Grandpa jewelry, such as the wrench jewelry or hammer necklace, can serve as a memorial to a loved one who worked in the trades. These pieces of jewelry can be worn as a reminder of their grandpa's hard work and dedication. In conclusion, there are a variety of necklaces and other jewelry available for handymen and carpenters. Whether it's a tape measure necklace, wrench necklace, or hammer charm, these items are a great way to showcase one's love for their trade and keep useful tools close at hand.