Trumpet Jewelry | Trumpet Charm on a Trumpet Necklace for Women These are Great Trumpet Gifts for Women and Trumpet Jewelry for Men A Nice His and Her Music Necklace for a Friend or Relative

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This Trumpet charm necklace is perfect for the music lover. A great gift for a student of music or someone who just loves the Trumpet. This 22 inch stainless steel necklace has a beautiful snake chain pattern and lobster clasp. Fashionable for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit or suit. Ready to be ordered and shipped to you by Amazon.

For Ages 13 and up

A trumpet is a brass instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group ranges from the piccolo trumpet with the highest register in the brass family, to the bass trumpet, which is pitched one octave below the standard B-flat or C Trumpet. Trumpet-like instruments have historically been used as signaling devices in battle or hunting, with examples dating back to at least 1500 BC. They began to be used as musical instruments only in the late 14th or early 15th century. Trumpets are used in art music styles, for instance in orchestras, concert bands, and jazz ensembles, as well as in popular music. They are played by blowing air through nearly-closed lips (called the player's embouchure), producing a "buzzing" sound that starts a standing wave vibration in the air column inside the instrument. Since the late 15th century they have primarily been constructed of brass tubing, usually bent twice into a rounded rectangular shape.

The earliest trumpets date back to 1500 BC and earlier. The bronze and silver trumpets from Tutankhamun's grave in Egypt, bronze lurs from Scandinavia, and metal trumpets from China date back to this period. Trumpets from the Oxus civilization (3rd millennium BC) of Central Asia have decorated swellings in the middle, yet are made out of one sheet of metal, which is considered a technical wonder.

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