Unicorn Necklace for Women | Unicorn Jewelry That Anyone Will Love as Great Unicorn Jewelry for Women and Great Unicorn Necklace for Women a Great Gift as a Unicorn Necklace for Granddaughter

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This Unicorn Necklace Jewelry is a Great Unicorn Gift that you can wear. Unicorn Jewelry is a Wonderful Gift for Women and Men. Unicorn Stuff and Unicorn Accessories are the Perfect Addition to any Jewelry Collection.

Unicorn Jewelry is Inspirational and a Symbol of Innocence.

The Unicorn is also a Symbol of Hope, Gentleness, Power and Purity.

Unicorns Rule!!

This product for Ages 13 and up.

Unicorns are among the most unique creatures in the world. The unicorn has no known physical attributes, however many beliefs about this creature exist. Unicorns are often depicted as animals with long horns, but some also have colorful horns or antlers. No matter what form the unicorn may take, this magical creature is one of the most popular of all the unicorns.

Unicorn symbolism is recognized around the globe for its spiritual significance and high status. When most individuals think of a unicorn, they picture a white horse with a single horn protruding from it. In ancient world myth, though, the unicorn takes on various forms and animal characteristics. One of the most well-known is that of the unicorn's legendary partner, the Earth Goddess Echidna.

Unicorns represent purity and innocence. In some legends, it is the unicorn that destroys a part of creation, namely the daughter of the goddess Unicorn. This destruction represents the breaking of the bonds of original sin between the deities Echidna and herself. It is this symbolic reversal of evil that is behind the unicorn symbolism and magic in general. A unicorn that breaks free of its own constraints symbolizes the ability to transcend oneself from one's earthly limitations and become more powerful than one's earthly self.

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